V.c — Edad de oro equalisation

Recording technology improved gradually from the commencement of electronic recording in 1926 until the end of the shellac age, after 1950. This involved among other things better cutting tecniques, increasing the frequency response of the records. At the same time gradual improvements in microphone technology

V.d — Tónjöfnun salar

When moving from your own studio to a new venue to DJ, you will find that your carefully crafted equalisation sounds a lot different than at home. Different types of speaker systems tend to emphasise music in different ways and the specific acuoustics of the

V.e — Þjöppun

A compressor can be used in a DJ situation when you feel you are not able to play the music loud enough. The cause for that may be that your equipment cannot sustain more volume, or that you cannot due to external restraints increase the

VI.a – Ytri hljóðbúnaður

Once we have modified the music to our taste in the digital realm, we need to get that music in the most straightforward way possible to the speakers that output the music in a milonga. How we do that, however, can in many ways affect

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